Umbakarna Mods

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Umbakarna Mods

All mods on this list are made for the game Amnesia: The dark descent. By clicking the mod icons, you will be redirected to the mod pages on

Red Waters

Red Waters was the first, created in summer of 2013, made without any previous modding knowledge or experience. Red Waters was first Amnesia mod made in Slovak republic. The mod is a custom story of approximately 1.5 hours of gameplay.

Destiny Rebellion

Destiny Rebellion was released in late March 2014, as a 6 chapters long custom story with about 6 months of work input. The mod offers solid 3 hours of gameplay with possibility of entering minigames, completing sidequests and searching for secrets.


META and MANA are twin full conversion mods made at the same time in late 2014. While each of these mods may be considered reasonably short with about 45 minutes of gameplay, these mods were important step to learning absolute customization.

Destiny Revenant

Destiny Revenant is the last mod made by Umbakarna and the biggest one. With 1 full year of development, this full conversion mod consisting of 9 chapters is the grand finale full of features never used before. Released in February 2016.