KiraImmortal Mods

how to create a new world?

Amnesia: The Dark Descent mods

Endless Insomnia

First released custom story with custom models and music and about an hour gameplay. 

Timie distortion, Desolation

This full conversion mod lets you play the original game and your beloved custom stories in a modern environment.

Also includes a custom story "Desolation"

Wheezy Everlasting

Taking place in a fictional universe, this mod provides short horror-themed maps without much continous storyline.

An Amnesia TDD full conversion experiment mod, first attempt with the Amnesia 1.3 patch.

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs mods

Non Omnis Moriar

Non Omnis Moriar is the first and ONLY custom story designed in the new Machine for pigs engine. The reason may be no custom story support in the game but this mod proves it is possible and actually works fine!

SOMA mods

A Puppeter's Adversity

A Puppeter's Adversity is an upcoming SOMA mod that is currently in development. Release date TBA.